Create the best Mobility Event. Instituto de Movilidad offers you all its team, experience and knowledge to make your event a success.

How can we help you?

You are thinking of organizing an event on mobility but you don’t know where to start. There are many questions to answer: organize a conference or a congress of several days, only morning or full day, face-to-face or online, which speakers are the most suitable, choose the topics, what is the best date, etc.


OR you have a project underway and you need to ensure public participation, and that it is of quality, enriching, and ensures the involvement of all stakeholders.

At Instituto de Movilidad we can help you organize the best mobility event:


  • We created the I Online Congress on Sustainable Urban Mobility (COMUS 2020), with more than 12,000 registered participants from over 30 countries and 110 speakers.
  • We organized conferences during the European Mobility Week in Seville, Aracena, Güímar…
  • We actively participate in the organization of mobility events in different countries (Spain, Bolivia, Cuba, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina…).
  • The IM team has participated in more than 80 events around the world.
  • In addition to dozens of in-person and online courses and training events.

What will you get with this service?

Proposal and clear outline of the design, approach and program of your event.

Top-notch speakers. If desired, we provide our own prestigious speakers from the Mobility Institute

Design and execution of the marketing campaign before, during and after the event.

Management of press releases and media contacts.

Organization and management of catering and venue if the event is held in person.

Creation and management of the online platform if an online event is chosen.

Attention to the interested parties.

Management of registrations and attendance certificates.

Generation of statistics.

Preparation of conclusions of the conference.

How can we help you?

First of all, we need to know your idea or your project, and evaluate if we can really help you.


So the first thing we will do will be a session in which you will tell us in detail what you want to achieve in your project and what kind of event you imagine. In that session, we will clarify all your doubts, and we will agree on the objectives to achieve as well as the fundamental requirements of the event.


With this first meeting, both parties will be clear about what we are going to achieve by working together and how we are going to do it.

Why Instituto de Movilidad to create your Mobility Event?

For the experience gained in the mobility and transport sector, and in the organization and holding of all kinds of events in the sector.

For the plurality of profiles of the IM team, and for the rich network of contacts.

For the didactic work that we have been developing for years, understanding the importance of motivation, listening, learning and valuation.

For our ability to carry out this work with proximity, clear language and the capacity to transmit knowledge.

Interested in working with the Mobility Institute?


If you like what you’ve read so far – and see it as an opportunity you’d like to make the most of – just fill out the form below.


We will contact you in the next few days to get to know each other and schedule a first session.

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