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How can we help you?

Mentoring is a support service, based on listening, dialogue, guidance, and sharing experiences. During your career, you may find yourself at two points along the way that require special help or accompaniment:


At the beginning of the path, when you want to face reality, you know the sector you want to engage in (sustainable mobility and transport) but you don’t know how to orient yourself, you don’t know your own strengths, the opportunities the sector provides, or where your niche lies in the whole possible spectrum of this very broad sector.


Another possibility, halfway through, is when you’ve been around for a few years but feel that your career needs a turning point. You are uncertain if you are where you want to be.


If you are in any of these two points of the road, from Instituto de Movilidad we can help you with the Mentoring service, in which we will try to help you find your strengths (which you have), to visualize where you want to go or to identify the next step. Our experience and deep knowledge of the mobility sector allows us to guide you under the figure of the mentor.


And, as the IM President says, we will teach you “everything you need to know so you don’t spend 25 years figuring it out”.

What will you get with this service?

A team of mentors who will proceed to meet you first, to get to know you better, and to discover in which thematic you can succeed in the field of mobility.

A personalized orientation, guided by experts in the sector, but with different profiles, to cover a process of mentoring and professional development.

Develop skills and knowledge that will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself

Help, within the reflection process, to plan and define the professional development of your career.

Improve the ability to reflect and establish real expectations, create new professional links and improve self-esteem.

Discover new alternatives and professional paths, improving self-knowledge for a correct decision making, reflecting on professional aspirations and how to achieve them.

Discover techniques and tools for work and analysis, creativity, teamwork, communication, entrepreneurship, leadership, as well as establishing networking relationships.

Bring out your full potential, defining an action plan to improve your employability.

Change your mentality, vision and approach to the profession, see new paths, optimism and positivity.

What does the Professional Mentoring service consist of?

The starting point will be to get to know you, your interests, background, concerns and values. It will be the basis for designing the mentoring team that you need and that will be assigned to you.


The Professional Mentoring in Mobility program has an approximate duration of 6 months, in which a work plan and calendar is designed, divided by programmatic mentors, who will successively attend you under a work of dialogue, listening and professional work.


The mentor is a person who is an expert in a specific area of activity and who wishes to support and exchange his or her experience and vision with other people, with the person being mentored.

The mentoring relationship is based on the following principles:







Regular meetings will be held, mainly online (except for the possibility of face-to-face meetings, which are always more effective) between the different mentors and the mentee, as well as different tasks or scheduled work commitments, stimulating learning through experiences.


The schedule of milestones and tasks will also be defined according to the needs and availability of the mentee, so that a feasible schedule can be established.


The rotation of mentors will enrich the vision of the mentee, so that with each one different skills, commitments, visions and reflections will be worked on, reinforcing and building the professional that the mentee wishes to be, defining and visualizing the next steps to be taken.


The mentors will analyze one’s professional strengths and weaknesses, so that one becomes aware of them and even apply tasks and measures to overcome them.

How can we help you?

If you need to orient your professional career and look for new opportunities, we can help you in two ways:

Professional Mobility Mentoring Program, with a duration of 6 months, with a rotation of assigned mentors (minimum three) so that milestones and pre-set schedule are covered.

Express Mentoring Program, with a duration of 3 weeks. A rotation of assigned mentors will be maintained (maximum three).

Why Instituto de Movilidad to guide your career?

Fot the experience gained in the mobility and transport sector

For the plurality of profile of the mentors we can help you with, and for the rich network of contacts.

For the didactic work we have been developing for years, understanding the importance of motivation, listening, learning and valuation.

For our ability to carry out this work with clear language and useful advice.

Interested in working with Instituto de Movilidad?


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